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Yo, Desai…

People always ask me if I’m related to someone they know with my last name.  I let them finish their question out of politeness and then patiently explain that “My last name is as common as Smith is, in some ways.”  They look at me with either disappointment or with a raised eyebrow (as if … Continue reading

What a Way to Start 2010!

It looks and feels like I’ve been in a boxing match.  I got 3 of my wisdom teeth out and it hurts, still.  They couldn’t remove the bottom left one since it was right on a nerve and there was a 99% chance of them cutting it.  Why don’t they just round that up to … Continue reading

A Fresh Tomato

I am really picky about my movies, especially if I have to get dressed, drive to the movie theater, pay $10 and remain seated for 2.5 hours.  Last week we saw Red Cliff.  It was so good.  It just had everything that goes into making a classically good movie, not to mention beautiful cinematography, costumes … Continue reading

The Card Game

I rarely have time to watch anything on TV, so when I do get a chance I try to make it worthwhile.  I watched this documentary last night on PBS about how banks have used and continue to use abuse and manipulation to destroy people’s lives.  So so sad.  The bankers say it’s capitalism, but … Continue reading

The White Glove and the Cute Tiger Cub

MJ thoughts and memories: My dad brought home the Thriller album (vinyl of course) after work one day and my sister and I jumped up and down and screamed for joy for a good 10 minutes.  I begged my parents to let me bring it to my Girl Scouts meeting that was later the same … Continue reading

Breakin’ the law

As of January 1, 2009  texting while driving has been  illegal in California.  But what does that really mean? Are you allowed to text while you’re at a dead standstill in traffic? How about when you’re in a parked car with the engine running? What about if you’re stopped at a red light? This law … Continue reading

Good Things

I was thinking about this on the drive home on the 101 last night.  These are some awesome things that I’ve always liked or just discovered I like, in no particular order: Nivea La Tartine Tea Feldman Bookstore Yelp Olivia The Sound of Music The smart people I work with John Mayer

2 Years at Automattic

2 years ago today was my first day at Automattic.  I didn’t even know what blogging was at the time!  I was pregnant with Priya my first day at the Pier (before it had carpet!).  So much has happened since then, personally and work-wise.  It’s definitely been an interesting time – I’ve learned a lot … Continue reading

Don’t Panic!

That was my motto for this past weekend.  Fortunately there weren’t too many moments I thought I was going to explode.  The weekend started off with everyone flying in to SF on Thursday and Friday.  I was prepping all day Friday.  The speaker’s dinner ran super late; I left after the 2nd course at 10 … Continue reading

WordCamp 2008

Registration is open!  Please sign up, it’s going to be interesting this year with lots of fun surprises!