Dell, Revisited…

Apparently Dell did not take my blog post seriously even though they had 4 years to address the problem. 

Recently, I ordered 1 monitor and 1 docking station.  I received 2 monitors and no docking station.  The packing slip says 1 monitor and 1 docking station.    After freaking out and calming down and freaking out and calming down, I started looking through e-mail order confirmations and my credit card statement.  Defeated, I called the dreaded 1-800 number.

The voice activated response system is ridiculous.  I have to hold my breath since it responds to every sound I make.  I try not to sneeze or hiccup or move.  After I’m blue and about to pass out, I resort to saying the word representative.  After saying it for the 6th time my co-workers are staring at me since I’m yelling into my microphone receiver.

Finally I get a person on the line, I give her all my info – name, order #, e-mail address, cell phone #, detailed explanation of the problem.  She tells me she has to transfer me but then continues asking me questions.  She transfers me to another person.  They ask for all my info and details of the problem again.  He says he needs to transfer me.  I say I’ve just been transferred.  He continues asking me questions, tells me he’s in tech support and then he transfers me.  I get another person.  I have to give all my info and describe the problem again.  He starts babbling, then he puts me on hold.  The phone is disconnected.  I call back, yell at the voice activated system some more, finally get a person, give all the info with problem description again.  She figures out that she needs to transfer me but asks me more questions first.  I get transferred.  I get another person, go through the same routine again.  He puts me on hold for 15 minutes.  Once back on the line, he informs me that I already called in, was disconnected and there is a case number assigned to it.  I thank him for this very useful information.  He puts me on hold again-10 minutes.  Once back on the line, he tells me that he is taking over the case from the person that created the case number.  This is so very helpful.   He puts me on hold again.  Once back on the line, he says he has to fill out a form and then some other form.  While filling out the form he starts asking me idiotic questions, trying to make small talk.  I answer the questions in one word answers or “I don’t knows”.

These questions are all unnecessary and probably like most people who call the dreaded 1-800 I am multi-tasking and don’t like being distracted by meaningless chit-chat:

  • Where are you calling from?  (He knows where I am from the shipping address).
  • How is the weather?  (This can be looked up on-line)
  • Is it 100 degrees?  (On-line)
  • Can you I call you by your first name?  (I said yes but he calls me ma’am and says the word every time he says something.)
  • How do you pronounce your last name? 
  • What time is it there in California?  (on-line)
  • What time do you leave? (stalkerish)
  • I wonder why they sent you 2 monitors.
  • Was this on-line purchase?  (That’s in the order information)
  • Who was it billed to? (Also in the order information)
  • What credit card did you use? (Order information)
  • Do you need anything else?
  • Can you take a survey?
  • And lastly, the ridiculous – Did I do a good job for you today and take care of all your needs? (No comment.)

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