Automattic at Stinson 2007

It was great to finally meet everyone that I’ve been working with at Automattic and to find out that we all get along very well! We even had a rare opportunity to take a group photo. Matt got me to play Wii tennis. I unfortunately made him lose because I was on his team :(. It seemed like MT was the expert. We got to celebrate Alex’s birthday in person back in SF which was a real treat. Donncha took a great picture of him cutting the yummy chocolate cake. When and where will we meet again?

3 thoughts on “Automattic at Stinson 2007

  1. Don’t feel bad at losing Wii Tennis, I lost every single tournament I played :)

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    It was great meeting you for the first time, Priya is adorable! I’m so glad to be home though, Adam has grown so much in the 2 weeks I was away and he’s way more alert now!

  2. It was great meeting you! Julia and I were very happy to meet the wonderful person that takes such fantastic care of the Automattic team.

    You seem to have a great handle on cat herding.

  3. I guess being the only female in the group made me a little bossy, especially when it came to keeping the houses decent. But I was trying to hold back really!

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