Same Love

I was flipping channels on the radio on the way home from work.  I usually listen to NPR but sometimes need a break from hearing about all the injustice in this world.  Came across this song, started listening and was hooked.  I have never heard of Mackelmore & Lewis and don’t really listen to pop … Continue reading

I don’t like phone calls or voicemails

I’m on the phone a lot for work, thus I try my best to make calls brief or use e-mail. Too much time is wasted on looking up the number, dialing it, waiting for someone to pick up, getting transferred and then small talk. There is no record of what was discussed. There is a … Continue reading

You MUST Wear the Ribbon and I will.

This is the first time I’m doing Aids Walk in SF!  Please sponsor or join me, it should be a fun day!  I wonder if my kids will be able to walk 6 miles.  Better bus out the wagon. You can join my team or sponsor me here:  Maya’s Page

My Girl’s Local Faves

I’m finally getting around to posting all this info on one page since I haven’t really found a place or resource to share with other parents in the area.  Palo Alto Children’s Library Huge collections of kids books and everything is geared towards children. P.A. Junior Kids Museum & Zoo Free, fun for a few … Continue reading

But you make it so easy.

This is an actual e-mail exchange based on real people. Dell Hi Maya, I would like to follow up if you were able to call the phone# provided for you or if you were already contacted by our Collections Team. Please let me know if you still need further assistance regarding this particular concern so … Continue reading

Dell Smells.

I received another call from someone at Dell today, number was unrestricted.  The person wanted to know if someone had contacted me about the monitor that was mistakenly sent to me and that I decided to keep.  WHAT?!  I started trying to explain but then gave up and just said no one had called me.  … Continue reading

I’ve Got Commitment Issues

I have a flip phone, it is falling apart, I lost the charger and it doesn’t have web capability.  I’ve been waiting for 2-3 months to qualify for a partial upgrade.   They couldn’t tell me what the rebate would be until the very day because the computer didn’t know.  I found out today that the … Continue reading

And another thing Dell,

Do not call someone from a restricted number and ask for their complete credit information.  If you can not provide an invoice or an amount and are calling from an unverified number, I can’t help you.  Stop sending me e-mails to verify receipt of e-mails to the same address. Thank you!

Dell, Revisited…

Apparently Dell did not take my blog post seriously even though they had 4 years to address the problem.  Recently, I ordered 1 monitor and 1 docking station.  I received 2 monitors and no docking station.  The packing slip says 1 monitor and 1 docking station.    After freaking out and calming down and freaking out … Continue reading